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Introduction of van taxi driver - Hide Yamamoto

Narita airport

Hide Yamamoto

Hide Yamamoto

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Message to Customers

I try to see my work style from the customers point of view

Hide Yamamoto

I had worked 17 years in business related to the automotive industry.
I was mainly in charge of operating international relations, and have high experience of operating meetings where the company president and the executives from well-known companies in and out of Japan participate. The requirement of appearance, good service, and high English communication level has taught me to acquire the knowledge and skill.
And I use this experience to service every customer, domestic and international, to feel comfortable and relaxed when riding the vehicle.
The most important thing I keep in mind when offering transportation, is that the pick-ups may be a part of my daily duty, however to the customers it is something special.
For example, let’s say I have arranged a private limousine / taxi for my wedding and trip abroad.
And if I was picked up with a roughly dressed, unclean looking driver with an unprofessional looking car, that would upset me terribly. I am sure to never forget about the disappointing taxi ride my whole life.

To avoid any disappointment, I make sure that I am well “prepared” before going on duty so that I can offer service at 100% to each and every customer.

On my days off, there are times I go to the food court and apparel shops at Narita Airport with my family.
When I do, I always stop by the taxi and limousine pick up area.
When checking the work scene from the customer's point of view, it gives a chance to notice the things that are hard to notice when working.

Daily efforts

Arriving in Japan after going through the tiresome situations such as paperwork and inspection , I believe the first place the customers can relax is inside the hire.
Therefore, I do my best to offer a service where one can think “I can rely on this person” and feel relaxed on the ride to the destination.

Cleaning and ventilation are done where customers are not present.
Therefore, if the process is not seen in person, the customers will have to “trust” that I do.
I promise that countermeasures are done strictly and I assure I keep my promises.

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