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Introduction of van taxi driver - Tatsuya Shiraishi

Narita airport

Tatsuya Shiraishi

Tatsuya Shiraishi

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Message to Customers

Dedicated to support and to offer high quality service to all customers

Tatsuya Shiraishi

When I had traveled to America, I had arranged a taxi from the airport.
A slender and tall professional looking driver was waiting for us.
The driver unfortunately did not speak or understand Japanese, however provided us with information regarding sightseeing areas and security problems using Google translation.

Even at times when things got a little off hand and a fight was about to start with my travel partner, the driver kindly offered to stop by the souvenir shop at the service area.
In a country visiting for the first time, the 1 hour and a half spent in the taxi was very special.
Our trip with the support from our driver was one of my unforgettable trips abroad.

This experience led to me wanting to be involved in an overseas traveling related business and because I also enjoyed driving, I have decided to change career to become a Narita Airport transportation service driver.

Customers traveling abroad and customers visiting Japan are all filled with joy.
Listening to the fun conversations with family and friends during the drive makes my day as well.

I will do my best to make the trip better, by offering my best service and support to all customers.

Daily efforts

On my days off, I play golf and go on walking trips in search of nature views to strengthen my immune systems.
Even outside of work, sanitizing alcohol is carried around with me; making sure to sanitize high contact areas at all times.
From spring of 2020 , our lifestyles have changed. Much information has been going around over the news press and YouTube, which raised some difference in values and conflict.
If you have any inquiries regarding our efforts , please feel free to contact us before arranging transportation. We will do our best to answer your inquiry.
I believe we are not fighting against the people, fighting this difficult situation.
I look forward to the day we can all meet in good spirits.

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