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Company Overview

Company name
Nobuyuki Co., Ltd. (Narita / Haneda Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi)
Street address
144 Ebesu Shitaya, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture 286-0047 (Main office)
1-25 Minamishinozaki-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0065 (Tokyo office)
(Representative) +81-476-37-5617
(Taxi) +81-476-37-5617
mail address
Management site
English : Narita / Haneda Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi
Japanese : 成田空港ジャンボタクシー
Total number of employees
80 people
3 million yen
Business content
General passenger car transportation business(関自旅二第4091号)
Travel industry(千葉県知事登録旅行業 第3-1052号)
*Pick-ups and drop-offs in the Tokyo area may be handled by a joint operator.



Airport Transfers Private Van Taxi Representative Director Hiroyuki Sakuragawa.

Born in Narita and raised in Narita. Narita Airport was familiar to me from an early age because my father was a police officer and was assigned to the Airport Security Brigade and the Airport Police Station. I take the transportation business as something that is deeply related to "human life."
Nearly 3,000 people die each year in traffic accidents and nearly 400,000 accidents occur.

I myself have lost a precious person in a traffic accident.

A person who was fine until yesterday suddenly disappears….. It's never been so painful.

We operate with the awareness and determination that a vehicle could turn into a weapon if we make a mistake.
In the operation, needless to say, what we value most is "safety".

It's easy to say safe driving.

I don't think there are many taxi companies that actually drive on the highway at a safe speed. We often see black-painted luxury cars driving in the overtaking lane at high speeds.

I will definitely promise. We do not have such a driver.
Unless the customer is in a hurry, we are basically educating them to drive along the flow in the second driving zone.

Also when driving in the city, our drivers will drive as a model as a professional driver.

Nevertheless, I cannot say that we won’t have any accident 100% as long as humans drive.
"Weight, Speed, and Height" are the major factors that affect an injury accident when the accident occurs in which an object collides with another object.
Of these three, we declare that we will not speed up.

I think that the number of traffic accidents will decrease sharply as autonomous driving technology advances in the future.
That's great. A few years from now, the era like "People of other days used to drive analog vehicles that go up to 100 kilometers ..." will surely come.
At that time, taxi / limousine companies around the world must definitely not survive with existing service methods.
In fact, Tesla, which has a higher market capitalization than Toyota Motor Corporation, has declared the development of Robotaxi.

Self-driving will probably start changing from the highway.
Taxi / limousine companies around Narita Airport basically use the highway, so there is no doubt that they will be the most affected.

At such times, we are constantly searching for where we can find value and be a company that is needed by the world, and we are thinking and acting every day.

Hiroyuki Sakuragawa