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Introduction of van taxi driver - Daisuke Chijimatsu

Narita airport

Daisuke Chijimatsu

Daisuke Chijimatsu

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Message to Customers

Even if an unanticipated situation occurs, an optimum operation route can be chosen efficiently without hesitation.

Daisuke Chijimatsu

Narita Airport transportation service encounters many unexpected events. Therefore, it is important for the drivers to stay calm in order to make the right decisions without hesitation.
No matter how intelligent and experienced one is, feeling frustration and panic will lead to a big mistake.
On the other hand, I am a laid-back person which comes to strength when making a low-risk efficient decision for customers at all times.
I still have work to do on my customer servicing skills. I am being trained by my colleague, who used to work as a ground staff at Narita Airport.
The amount of money paid for our service is not inexpensive. Therefore, I will do my best to service all customers with my utmost sincere respect.

Daily efforts

I was born having a clean-freak ,and before Spring of 2020, there were times someone had laughed at me ,but now I consider it as a strength.
Therefore, my wife and children who understand my personality well, are not worried about me working in public.
I also check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage every day to study and keep updated to the customers .

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