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Introduction of van taxi driver - Kazuya Okada

Narita airport

Kazuya Okada

Kazuya Okada

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Message to Customers

Judgement made carefully by observing all customers expression, time, and situation to make an appropriate action

Kazuya Okada

What I value when offering transportation service, is to promptly pick up each customer's situation in order to deliver the most appropriate words and action.
If the customer is tired or having a hard day, I avoid talking more than necessary. If the customer looks bored, I try picking up a conversation. If the customer is using our transportation for business reasons, I do my best to keep everything on track for there is no time to waste.

And before being requested with the usual requests made to drivers such as “Please hurry” “Please stop by the restroom” “Please turn down the AC”, I always try to be one step ahead by asking questions such as “Is the temperature okay?” in advance.

I will do my best to be careful with each and every manner, to deliver the best service for all customers.

I would like to spend the one and only day, moment, once in a lifetime opportunity with great care for all customers.

Daily efforts

From 2020 Spring our lifestyle has greatly changed . When the things that were done ordinarily became the unordinary, it made me rethink how grateful I was until then.
What we are fighting against is this difficult situation, not the people.
I continue to keep in search of what I can do for the customers and for the society.

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