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Introduction of van taxi driver - Tsuyoshi Ogura

Narita airport

Tsuyoshi Ogura

Tsuyoshi Ogura

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Message to Customers

Our teamwork and good work environment are the reason we are able to offer the best customer service.

Tsuyoshi Ogura

When there is something wrong with the vehicle, there is a replacement.
When a driver is not feeling well, there is a substitute. Even each driver's driving time and days off are all system managed.

The work environment is controlled for everyone to work without stress.
And are alarmed every day that we are responsible for the safety of each customers lives.

I am described as a modest person. I am not aware of it myself, however I believe it is a strength in this business. Therefore, I would like to push my strength so all customers can feel free to make a request without hesitation inside the vehicle.

Daily efforts

I strongly apologize that I have asthma. I apologize and kindly ask for understanding for having such misleading symptoms in such a situation.
I continue to take the antigen test on a regular basis.

And because my risk is higher compared to other people due to having asthma, I am especially careful.
Therefore, service is not delivered with a half-hearted attempt. Please rest assured when taking a ride.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
our driver