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Introduction of van taxi driver - Daisuke Numao

Narita airport

Daisuke Numao

Daisuke Numao

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Message to Customers

Having pride working as a first-class Limousine driver.

Daisuke Numao

I believe the company's strength is that the driver's, who have direct contact with each customer, feedback are followed up by the managers straight to the representative, to improve and update the operation manual.
I find it interesting how we have a voice to change the organization.
And I value cooperation with all colleagues I work with.

By using the internet, it is easy to look up the traffic condition and flight information, however there is information only experienced drivers know. Such as “For there will be a lot of returning travelers from the Bousou area today, from afternoon to night time, there is a high possibility that there will be traffic on the Wangan line expressway” and “Recently, XXX airline arrival times are drastically delayed”.
I would like to value our strengths especially during this period of time.

In the spring of 2020 our company was in a tight spot.
Because there were no travelers from abroad, there was no work for us. Us drivers did whatever we could do. From helping out the vehicle mechanics, organizing equipment and even helping out office work.

All the staff stayed there and no one quit their job.
And luckily, when returnees were welcomed back into the country, our transportation service was back in business.
The first 3 months without work gave an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the staff. And now, whether working or not, we share time together.

Daily efforts

There are loads of different information regarding television and SNS. Therefore, it is not a surprise when trouble occurs due to differences in value and in relationships.
For all drivers are responsible for transporting returnees, whenever there is a situation, it is discussed within the SNS group chat all drivers participate in. And all-important information is submitted to the operation manager.

This is my personal opinion but I believe that a lot of our drivers are thorough and sensitive. Therefore, I assure you can sit back and relax inside the vehicle.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
our driver