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Introduction of van taxi driver - Takehiko Takayama

Narita airport

Takehiko Takayama

Takehiko Takayama

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Message to Customers

My goal is for Japan’s taxi service to be known as world’s number 1.

Takehiko Takayama

have worked at a Taxi company stated in Tokyo. City taxis are competitive and the income all depends on how experienced one is. Therefore, at times, one has to work clever and efficiently in order to earn.
However, with my personality it was unfortunately difficult because I took too much time servicing for each customer and could not push myself to be greedy at the taxi stands.

That was when a friend of mine introduced me to Narita Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi and have decided to go for an interview.

If I was only evaluated about my good side, it wouldn’t be much different from being a taxi driver in the city, so I have decided to spill it all out and talk about my weak points of my personality.

And then an unexpected answer came back.

“We do not ask our drivers to work effectively. Rather than time prioritizing, we ask for our drivers to choose the safest route.
We would like for each driver to deliver service that would be more than enough for each customer.”

It was a fateful encounter.
I believed that this was the company I could contribute my personality strength.

When carrying the returning customers luggage, I receive comments that “Taxi’s in Japan are the best”.

To live up to the name, I wish to pursue service that is appropriate for the period of time without hesitating, rushing, and to contribute to each customer by serving professionally.

Daily efforts

What I am most afraid of is that the measures taken for each operation will be weathered.
Recalling the days when I couldn't get a mask, I always want to keep my original intentions in my work.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
our driver