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Introduction of van taxi driver - Takeshi Ishii

Narita airport

Takeshi Ishii

Takeshi Ishii

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Message to Customers

The service I value the most is to “SMILE”

Takeshi Ishii

Smiling is one of the basics, but I believe that it is the highest priority when servicing. I truly believe that not only do smiles show when good things happen, but even when things are rough, putting a smile on will naturally bring light to the situation.

Efforts are made to satisfy all customers by meeting as many requests as possible. However, there are times when extra charge is needed and times where it is difficult to meet the requests.

In such a situation, instead of just saying the request cannot be made, I try my best to propose the best counter option.
Therefore, I continue to learn and study information about the transportation services, other than limousine / taxi, such as the railway, rental car, and expressway bus.

Customers from foreign countries have been increasing over the years.
I am very thankful for the opportunity, for it gives me a chance to interact with other cultures.

However, because I am not fluent in English, I can only communicate using the translation software.

Therefore, I am currently learning English from our operator in order to be able to deliver the best service with no borders.
I am also studying about the tourist industry.
Our company has also employed a programmer and are rapidly making positive changes. Therefore, us drivers have to keep up with the change, if we do not want to be left behind.

I will continue to offer professional service, more than expected, to all customers and to be a part of a company loved by all customers.

Daily efforts

Transportation is arranged for 1 to 3 groups of returnees each day.

Until the passenger boards our hire at the airport, we have enough time to ensure proper sterilization and ventilation until satisfied.

Even outside of work, I avoid areas with large crowds. And since my hobby is farming with my family, the risk is very low.

If one person being infected will cause great damage to the company, all staff are very cautious at all times.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
our driver