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LOW COST flat-rate table Nasu-gun-nakagawa-city ーNarita Airport |Transfers Private Van Taxi

NARITA AIRPORTNasu-gun-nakagawa-city

We offer low and reasonable flat rates and with reliable service, so you don't have to worry about losing money in traffic jams, accidents, or stopping at traffic lights. While boarding, you can enjoy the scenery such as beautiful mountains and the vibrant cities of Japan. Please sit back and enjoy your boarding as our drivers keep the speed limit and drive safely to your destination. Also, let us know in advance if you have a stopover along the way. We estimate and provide you with a special price.

Nissan Elgrand(VAN)
Up to 7 people Recommended 1 to 5 people
(It’s a one-way fare.)

Transfer area Meet service Include toll fee
and TAX
Total price


NRT airport




Other than
NRT airport




Our flat rate includes all highway charges and taxes. You don't even have to tip.

Meeting Service

We offer a flat rate for all areas. Charges will not increase due to traffic jams, accidents, or waiting for traffic lights. The highway fee and tax are included. You don’t even need a tip.

If there is a waypoint, please let us know in advance and we will quote a flat rate including the waypoint. When departing from Narita Airport, according to the arrival time of the plane, we offer a meet service with a name board (placard) at the arrival gate to ensure that you will meet with our driver [3,000 yen fee will be added to the fare]. We park the vehicle in the parking lot at the airport once.

Price explanation video

Price explanation video

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