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Narita Airport Taxi Transfers Private Van【LIMO】

We have summarized the questions from customers who use taxis in Japan for the first time.
Japanese taxis are a licensed business managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
We operate under the strictest operation management in the world. Please do not worry.

I have a small child. Will you prepare a child seat?

Child seats are on request. It may not be available depending on the operation status on the day.
If you want to make sure the arrangement, we will accept it for 3,000 yen.

Can I bring pets?

It is possible if you enter the gauge and the care of the toilet is secured.
In the case of large animals, we will consult with you individually.

Since there are a lot of people and luggage, I definitely want you to come by van.

We will pick you up in a van-type car that can accommodate up to 7 people.
There is also a cargo service for those who have a lot of luggage. Please consider.

The fare differs by 3,000 yen depending on whether you take a taxi from Narita Airport or another. Why?

When departing from Narita Airport, we will meet you at the meet service where you will wait at the arrival gate with your name board after stopping the taxi at the parking lot to ensure that you will meet with the customer.
You will need to pay 3,000 yen for that. Please understand.

Tell me the payment method.

We accept cash and credit cards [VISA JCB MASTER ...].

I would like to make a reservation from Narita Airport to the 23 wards of Tokyo. What if the arrival time of the plane on the day is significantly delayed?

The driver will check the flight information of the plane and pick you up.
* If the arrival time is significantly different, you may have to wait for a while until the driver arrives.

Is there a driver who can speak English?

We have a full-time driver who can speak English and Chinese.
For other languages, you can have real-time conversations with the translation app.

What if I can't load my luggage?

There is a courier service at the airport, so please use that service.

I would like to leave after eating or shopping at Narita Airport. Is this possible?

After merging with the customer in the arrival lobby, the service will basically start immediately. A waiting fee of 1,000 yen for 10 minutes is required for meals and shopping.

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