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We have summarized the questions from customers who use taxis in Japan for the first time.
Japanese taxis are a licensed business managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
We operate under the strictest operation management in the world. You may rest assured.

Rates and Billing

Rates and Billing

Are the expressway fee and the tax included?

Yes. The expressway fee and the tax are included.

Are flat rates also applied booking made on the day?

Yes. We offer flat rates for on the day bookings.

When I used your service, we got stuck in traffic and used the general road most of the way. Can you refund the expressway fare?

We offer expressway fare calculated with the average value. To avoid traffic and accidents, there are times when the expressway total over cost the price we offer on our homepage when re-routing. However, we do not charge any additional cost in such situation. We kindly ask for your understanding.

How much does it cost when requesting a stopover?

If you let us know in advance, we are happy to offer a flat rate quotation with your request included.

I have arranged a Taxi for someone other than myself. Can I pay in advance so no payment is needed on the day?

Yes, we accept payment in advance. We accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, American Express, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club and Discover.

Can pay for the taxi with the Taxi Ticket?

We accept Taxi Tickets offered by VJ Taxi Ticket(VISA), JCB Taxi Ticket, MUFG taxi ticket, DC taxi ticket and NICOS taxi ticket.

Can I obtain a receipt for my charges?

Yes, we issue an e-receipt. If you request to receive a printed-out receipt on the day from the driver, please let us know in advance.To have your receipt mailed, an additional commission fee of 1,000 JPY will be charged.

I would like to cancel my booking. What is your cancellation policy?

Before payment made: Free of charge
After advance payment or until 5pm the day before: 2,000 JPY
After 9am the day before: 100%

Click here for details.

Can I use e-money for payment?

We accept LINE PAY, Paypay, Alipay, Alipay HK, and Kakaopay.

I plan to go to the city from Narita Hilton Hotel. How are the fares when departing from a destination other than the airport?

We offer transportation from areas such as accommodation, home, facility around Narita City to all areas, with the price offered on our fare rate chart.

Do you discount for such Introductory, Roundtrips, Long distance?

We are sorry. We do not offer a discount.

The apartment I have requested for pick up is located in Nakano ward however the other side of the road is Shinjuku ward. Can the Shinjuku ward fee be applied?

We are very sorry. We set our fares based on the address arranged to be picked up at.

Can I pay in US dollars (USD)?

We are very sorry. Payment can only be made with Japanese yen (JPY).

What happens when I cancel my booking after the payment has been made?

Regardless of the payment method, refunds are arranged immediately. If a credit card was the payment method, the amount of time required to process the refund may vary by the credit card company.

Do I need to tip the driver?

Japanese taxis do not need to tip.



How far in advance can I make my reservation? Do you accept reservations on the day?

The earliest you can reserve is 3 months ahead. We also accept reservations on the day. However, for on-the-spot bookings, a wait of 15min the earliest and 1hour and 30min the latest is asked for.

Can I receive information about the driver arranged for pick-up?

The driver will fix at 7pm the day before your reserved date. Please note “Request Drivers Information” when booking. Information about the vehicle type, vehicle number, LINE, Skype, WeChat, and WhatsApp will be arranged to be informed when ready.

Can I make a booking for a person other than myself? I would like to arrange a transportation for a foreigner. Is it also possible for me to step in between the driver my guest?

Yes. Reservations can be made for someone other than the person booking. And it is okay for you to step in between the drover and guest.

Do you offer a reservation confirmation number?

A reservation confirmation number is included within the confirmation email which provides information about the service and payment method. When contacting us after you have made a booking, please inform your reservation confirmation number to the operator.

I booked online but I haven’t received a confirmation email. How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

An email of tentative reservation completed is sent right after you made a reservation. If you have not received the mail, there was either an error in the registered email address or the e-mail might have been misplaced into the spam folder. Please book once again or call us to confirm.

I have booked a transfer from Narita Airport (NRT) to the city but can I request to sightsee Narita Mountain on the way?

We would be happy to be at your service. Please let us know how much time you would like spend for sightseeing at Narita Mountain. We will offer you a quotation with your request included.

Do you offer long distance transportation, outside the border of Kanto area?

Yes. We are happy to offer transportation from Narita Airport (NRT) to all areas of Japan.

What happens if the line is busy and my phone call does not connect?

There may be times when it is difficult to connect when the line is busy. However, for any missed calls which have not been resolved within open hours, will be arranged to call back.

I don't have a mobile phone or any communication device.What should I do if I cannot meet the driver when I arrive at Narita Airport?

Please call 0476-37-5617 from the pay phone or the information in front of the arrival lobby. We will tell you about the taxi situation.

What happens if my flight arrives early or is delayed?

The drivers track each flight with GPS, therefore pick up will be rescheduled accordingly. Although we try to monitor each flight to the best of our possibilities, when the flight time drastically is delayed, due to turbulence and weather, we may ask your patience for the driver to arrive.

How can I contact to change or cancel my booking?

You can make a change or cancel your reservation via phone or e-mail. When making any change after 5pm the day before your reservation date, please make sure to call us.

I plan to be picked up from a hotel in Tokyo to Narita Airport (NRT). However, I do not have a phone with me. How do I meet up with the driver?

The driver will note the front desk at arrival, therefore please inform the front desk about your pick-up in advance. However, there are hotels where this service cannot be applied. We will advise accordingly to your pick-up.

Do you have wheelchair adapted vehicles?

Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair adapted vehicles within our fleet. However, if the wheelchair is only for storage purpose, we can prepare storage space for the wheelchair. We offer help getting on and off the vehicle at all times.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

What type of vehicles do you offer?

We offer transportation with a fleet of minivans of a TOYOTA Alphard and a NISSAN Elgrand.

Can I request a non-smoking vehicle?

All vehicles, are non-smoking. Please be assured that this includes e-cigarettes.

What is the maximum number of passengers?

All vehicles have seating for at least 6 people, however keep in mind; the more people, the less space. We recommend passengers from 1 to 5 people.

Can the vehicles be used for VIP and ceremonial occasions?

Yes. The vehicles have luxurious interior which are suitable for many situations.

I’m afraid I may get car sick. Can I sit in the front?

Yes. You may sit in the front passenger seat.

I requested a long-distance transfer. Will I be able to watch television inside the vehicle? I also heard you have DVDs for kids prepared.

Yes. The vehicles are equipped with monitors to enjoy television and the DVDs we have prepared.

Do you have insurance in case of accidents?

Yes. Please be assured that all vehicles are required to be covered with liability insurance.

I was informed that pick-ups are arranged with minivans but will I be sharing the vehicle with other passengers?

No. All vehicles are arranged private and exclusively yours for the travel. No matter whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you will be the sole occupants of the vehicle.

Are the vehicles inspected and in maintenance?

We have an approved auto-repair garage of our own. We are well aware that we service customers transportation involving important flights. Therefore, to avoid any trouble, we strictly conduct maintenance on all vehicles.Please refer to our Taxi auto-repair garage page for details.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down during the transfer on the expressway?

If the vehicle stops during your transportation, a call will be made immediately to the nearest taxi company to take you to your destination. However, for all vehicles are inspected and managed carefully please be assured that any trouble is unlikely to occur.

If any trouble is to occur, it would be a flat tire, which is not a problem for our drivers for the drivers are fully experienced changing tires.

Our Driver

Our Driver

I was very satisfied with the driver who serviced me before. Can I request a particular driver?

We will do our best to assign certain drivers that you prefer if they are available. However due to troubles such as traffic and flight delays, please understand that there may be a possibility for the driver to change. We kindly ask your understanding.

Do you offer a service to wait at the arrival lounge holding a name board?

Yes. We offer a Meet Service for an additional 5,000 JPY.

I cannot speak Japanese at all. Do you have English or Chinese speaking Taxi drivers?

We can arrange an English or Chinese speaking driver for an additional 5,000 JPY.

What is the maximum age of your drivers?

Compared to other Taxi companies our drivers average age is low. The oldest is 56 years old. The average age is 40 years old.Please refer to our Taxi Driver introduction page for details.

Luggage Capacity

Luggage Capacity

I would like to take the Taxi with a family of four. How many suitcases will fit in the vehicle?

An average of 6 to 10 suitcase can fit however, it will depend on the size of each suitcase and the space between each person.Please refer to our Taxi luggage capacity information page for details.

Are pets allowed inside the vehicle?

We only accept if the pets are transported in a portable carrier with no animal hair to come out into the vehicle and if the toilet measurement is well managed.

What happens if all my baggage does not fit?

We will ask you to send your baggage by the delivery service at the airport. Or we offer to arrange a 2nd vehicle (the fee will double) if requested.

Can I load my surfboard or skis?

With the NISSAN Elgrand within our fleet, we can fit your surfboard or ski If the passenger seat to the third-row seats is flattened. The vehicle can fit a size up to 260cm.

Do you have a baggage insurance?

For accidents where the negligence is on us, such as car accidents and for dropped items, we will compensate following our company policy. However, we are not responsible for any damage made during the usual transportation. Please keep all valuables beside you.

Do you transport luggage alone?

No. It is restricted by Road Transportation Law. At least one person is required to ride along.

Can I use your minivan service for moving?

We accept if all luggage is neatly and fully packed together, so the vehicle does not get dirty.

Can I load my Bicycle (Road / Track)?

Only if the bicycle is stored in a bike bag or fully tired together. We do not compensate any damage on the frame, component, wheel during the transportation.

Can the driver help me to carry my luggage?

The driver helps you as much as possible, however, it depends on the situation such as parking prohibited places, etc.

I am traveling with a lot of luggage and I don’t think it will all fit inside the trunk. Can I store them beside my feet or on my lap?

If the driver judges that it will be okay at your pick-up, it is possible.



I am afraid of using the expressway. Can I request to use the local road all the way?

On the expressway, the drivers drive on the very left lane with a low speed at 80km/h. If you are not comfortable, we will arrange to use the local road. However, for the local route will take a longer time, the quotation total will be set at a higher price.

Do you have bathroom breaks?

Yes. We offer bathroom breaks, as many times needed, free of charge. Please feel free to make a request to the driver.

What happens if I miss my flight due to traffic? Can you compensate my flight ticket?

We are very sorry. We will rush to the nearest train station. Regarding compensation, we are unfortunately not responsible for situations no other than negligence claim on us. We kindly ask to make reservations at times with spare time calculated, in case we bump into traffic.

I have an ETC card of my own. Can I use it?

We are very sorry. We do not accept the use of personally owned ETC cards.

If I book for a pick-up from Narita Airport (NRT), where will I meet the driver?

The driver will be waiting for you at the very end of the boarding area within the public lane.Please refer to our Where and how to meet your Taxi Driver information page for details.

I would like to take the Taxi after dining and shopping at Narita Airport (NRT). Is that possible?

Please make sure to book the time you would like to leave the pick-up point. Please be aware that an additional 1,000 JPY will be charged every 10min for any personal delay.

I forgot something in the Taxi. What should I do?

If you contact us not too after the time you are dropped off, we will arrange to return to you. However, if we cannot return back to you, we will arrange to send your lost item to your preferred address using cash-on-delivery.

Where are your company’s business areas?

Focusing on Narita City, we cover Tomisato City, Yachimata City, Sakura City, Inzai City, Shiroi City, Sakae Town, Shisui Town, Tako Town, Kozaki Town, Shibayama Town, Katori City, Tohnosho Town from-to all areas of Japan.

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