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【Terms of service】

narita airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi 【FARE COST】

Article 1

●The flat-rate fares listed on our website are hourly fares operated by charte.

※Imagine a chartered bus for a trip or excursio.

Article 2

●When the reservation is confirmed, the contract is concluded between the customer and us.

Article 3

●On the day of the event, if the customer does not have a contract to change the route or wait, an additional 1,000 yen will be added every 10 minutes.

<Example of rerouting

・Go through an unplanned place

・Change destination

<Example of waiting fee

・Took time for transportation procedures, etc. because the luggage could not be loaded.

・Meals, shopping, etc.


※Atmosphere due to customer reasons not related to flight delay will be charged a separate waiting fee from the rserved time.

※There is no waiting fee due to flight delay, but

please note that it may take some time to scrap the car in case of large fluctuations.

※Taxi is exempt from wearing child seats under the Road Transport Law

Please note that child seats may not be available depending on the shipping conditions on the day.

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