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  • ITOKI Narita Airport Free Working Space 

ITOKI Free workspace. A perfect place to work, study and read.

ITOKI Narita Airport Free Working Space

At the north and south wing of the departure gate of Tokyo Narita Airport Terminal 1, there is a free workspace available to anyone.
A new working environment designed by a workplace furniture company, with the mission statement “We Design Tomorrow. We Design WORK-style”, ITOKI (ITOKI CORPORATION)
The innovative style at first glance looks like one of the lounges which requires a fee.However, the area is free of charge and open for everyone to use.
For amenities such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets and television are equipped, there are many people who stop to work,read, take a break, and nap.
The area can be used as a meeting space as well.

The westside of ITOKI is designed with many private working spaces.

Semi-private room type

The partitions that isolate from the people around, places emphasis on concentration to work.
Many passengers who stay a while are often seen.

Seats for meetings, etc.

A group workspace, that enables the holding of meetings with friends, colleagues and small conferences.

Power outlets are equipped in the middle of the table.

Sofa seat

Sofa’s which are popular among passengers with children.
The seats are soft and comfortably fits the contours of your body.

Seat for one person

A one-seater sofa.
Great to enhance individual concentration.

Corporate meeting room

The area is literally an office workspace….
Thankful area for the users.

Seat for 2 people

A private two-seater space, great for partners and couples.

Green sofa seat

A view of ITOKI working-space from above. It can be seen that it has been professionally designed.

Working space structure

Enjoy the view of the runway, planes from the window. And the work of art by Tetsuya Nakamura.

Glass windows

In front of the ITOKI space, there is a large window which lets in the sunshine.
The parked airplanes can also be seen.
There is also an work of art, designed by Tetsuya Nakamura titled “B.S.EAST/V.O.WEST”.
Stop by to see when a short break is needed.

Sculpture work

“B. S. East (Blue Sky East)” is an expression of the clouds of the East while “V. O. West (Violet Ocean West)” depicts the waves of the West.
The idea for this artwork is conceived from the fact that the sun rises in the Eastern sky and
sinks into the Western sea. The clouds are based on the “Unchu Kuyo Bodhisattva” of Byodo-in Temple, and the waves are based on the “Kaibu Mon-yo” a traditional Japanese pattern.

Cited from NAA

ITOKI working space located at the north wing.

ITOKI north wing.

At the south wing, many privately partitioned workspaces were furnished however, at the north wing, the area is spaciously and casually designed with no partition.

Tables and chairs

The furnished table and chairs are one size smaller, to effectively us the limited space.

Table seats for 8 people

The table for 9 is popular among large groups.

Round table seat

For the shopping mall is next to the area, there are many people who stop for a break.

Overall placement

Rich style seats

Different seats are furnished to accommodate multiple scenarios.


Power outlets are fully equipped.

Working space seen from above

This was an introduction of the ITOKI work-space located on the north and south wing of the departure gate.
The work-space designed to spend time and relax before departure, have become an irreplaceable place for passengers and working staffs,