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Narita Anime Deck Special!!

Narita Anime Deck Special

Once walking out of Terminal 2 at Narita International Airport, east (B) wing, you will notice a stare from the 2nd floor,

When you look take a look, there is a full-scale replica of a Gundam Mobile Suit face!

Next to the Gundam, you will find the “Narita Anime Deck”.

The center opened in November 2019, and aimed to bring in many foreign visitors.

Until noticing the big poster advertising the center, we, a limousine / taxi company who frequently go in and out of the
lobby of Narita Airport, only thought it was just a sculpture to entertain the people involved in the Olympics.

Inside the center, sections are divided by animation and there is even a wide range of products.
As might be expected, with the cooperation of KADOKAWA, the center is designed with good taste.

We recommend to stop by before or after your transfer.

The text is referenced from information on
-PIXIV Encyclopedia

A walk through “Narita Anime Road”!

Narita Anime Road

The main street in front of the “Narita Anime Deck” is named “Anime Road”.

The wall along the long hallway is painted with worldwide popular Anime characters, which is a popular photo spotamong kids and fans.

The designs vary by event, so make sure to stop by when visiting Narita Airport.



Detective Conan

Detective Conan



Sword art on Line

Sword art on Line

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan


At the entrance, the staff conducts temperature scanning and hand disinfection.

For everyone is here to see and touch the products, disinfection is mandatory.


Right pass the entrance, the current PICK-UP ITEMS are lined out.

The items are the managers recommendation☆

Mobile Suit Gundam -機動戦士ガンダム -

Mobile Suit Gundam

The broadcasting started in 1979.
A robot Anime directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino.
In Japan, it became a revolutionary title loved by all ages from elementary school students to adults.

The father of robot Anime, which inspired many people to become an animator.

A wide variety of series and movie have, and is still being produced, since the release of the first chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam.

The story is about the main character, named Amuro Ray, who suddenly finds himself thrown into a conflict against "Principality of Zeon", putting him against the enemy's ace pilot, Char Aznable.

Gundam plastic model

Gundam plastic model

Gundam plastic model 2

Gundam plastic model 3

Gundam plastic model 4

Dragon ball Z -ドラゴンボールZ-

Dragon ball Eye mask

“Dragon Ball” is a manga series created by Akira Toriyama, which ran in “Weekly Shonen Jump”. (1984-1995)
The series aired in Japan on Fuji T.V. from April 26th, 1989 to January 31st, 1996.
All kids were looking forward to Wednesdays, 7pm.
The popularity was so big that it even delayed the professional baseball broadcast.
The signature attack, “Kamehameha” is so famous that you can say that there is no Japanese person who doesn'tknow about it.

Not only Japan, but it was also broadcasted over 80 countries worldwide.
The first opening song of the anime “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-A” was a big hit and sold 1.7 million recorders just in Japan.
Hironobu Kageyama, the singer of “CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-A”, is often requested to sing at Anime Festivals held around the world.

● Printed copies: Over 160 million
● The viewing rating average was over 20% for 10 years in a row.
● Broadcasted over 90 countries worldwide (The highest viewing rating of 87% was at France)

※For the scenes involved aggressive flighting scenes, the broadcasting was canceled in some countries for it may
have an bad influence on the children.

Dragon ball doll

Mr. Osomatsu -おそ松さん-

Mr. Osomatsu

A Japanese comedy anime based on Fujio Akastuka manga series.
A story about a 5th grade, six identical siblings.
It started in 1962, the age of black-and-white television.

If you’re up to making a Japanese friend to laugh, try saying “Sheeh!!”.
Anyone born after 1985 is sure to laugh.

※Ayrton Senna brought a laugh to the variety show he showed up on called “NAMADARA”【The first and last variety show Senna to show up is NAMADARA】by doing the Sheeh!!” pose.

Taking the “Sheeh!!” pose.

Ayrton Senna

In the middle is Ayrton Senna.
Ayrton Senna having fun from the beginning to the end was memorable.

Click the link to see the video>>.

ULTRAMAN -ウルトラマン-


“Ultraman” is produced by Tsuburaya Production.
From 1966, many series have been launched.

Among the core fans, the popularity of the monsters is high along with the main hero characters.

A science fiction story about Ultraman, who has joined the Space Garrison (Uchu Keibitai) fight against the alien invaders and monsters.

The story is about a “Superhero” fighting for world peace and secure order in the galaxy “Bravery” and “Patience”.
Popular among children. The elements of weapons and organization also won the heart of children and became a big hit.

The Ultraman figures are being traded at a high price among the collectors.