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  • Transfer Disney Resort & nearby hotels ↔ Haneda / Narita Airport & Tokyo 23 Wards.  

Disney Resort ↔ Haneda Airport/Tokyo Area
Wagon Taxi - Low-cost flat-rate transportation

All vehicles are wagons,
so you don't have to worry even if you have a lot of luggage!
The meter will not go up due to traffic jams or waiting at traffic lights.
Please relax and take your time.
We will pick you up and drop you off at the airport, your home, train station, facilities
↔ around Disney Resort with a fixed fare.

Disney Resort Fixed Fare Schedule
(Including Expressway Fees and Taxes)

  • 14,600 yen area
  • Katsushika-ku
  • Edogawa-ku
  • Sumida-ku
  • Koto-ku
  • 15,700 yen area
  • Arakawa-ku
  • Taito-ku
  • Bunkyo-ku
  • Chiyoda-ku
  • Chuo-ku
  • 18,110 yen area
  • Kita-ku
  • Toshima-ku
  • Shinjuku-ku
  • Shibuya-ku
  • Minato-ku
  • Meguro-ku
  • Shinagawa-ku
  • Ota-ku
  • Haneda Airport
  • 19,200 yen area
  • Itabashi-ku
  • Nerima-ku
  • Nakano-ku
  • Suginami-ku
  • Setagaya-ku
  • 20,200 yen area
  • Musasino-city
  • Mitaka-city

Please feel free to contact us for rates in other areas of Tokyo.

If you arrive at Haneda Airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the arrival Lobby with a name board (placard) after your flight arrives.
An additional 5,000 yen is required.

List of facilities with special rates

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta

We will pick you up
in a large high-grade minivan.

All our vehicles are large wagons (minivans).

This is an example of a suitcase that can be loaded for 5 passengers.

It can accommodate 4 L-size suitcases, 1 M-size, and 1 S-size.
Backpacks, bags, etc. can be placed at your feet.

Pick-up and Drop-off Flow

goingTake a Taxi to the Disney Resort

returnTake a Taxi from the Disney Resort

  • Tokyo Disneyland
    Taxi Stand
  • Tokyo Disneysea
    Taxi Stand

Great rates via ☆


  • Residence in
    23 wards
  • Tokyo Station
  • DisneySea
  • Disneyland
  • Shinagawa
  • Haneda Airport

We will quote you the fee for the transit fee on an individual basis.
Please contact us by phone or by using the Contact Us form.
We will provide you with a lower price than a regular cab meter.

Click here for inquiry form

Check-in service via

※It is possible to check in via the hotel and then head to the Disney Resort.
A transit fee of 1,500 yen is required.

We will pick up your luggage at your hotel.

If you take a cab from Disneyland & Sea, the driver will go to your hotel before your reservation time to pick up your luggage from the front desk.
If you take a taxi from Disneyland & Sea, the driver can pick up your baggage from the front desk before your reserved time.
A separate fee of ¥2,000 will be charged.

※Please make your own arrangements with the hotel regarding baggage collection.

※We will handle your baggage with the utmost care, but please understand that we cannot guarantee the safety of your baggage.


Items we ask when making a reservation

Number of passengers - Number of baggage - One way, round trip
- Transit point (whether or not)

Clean, energetic drivers

Our drivers are here to help you make your Disney tour a memorable one.
We will arrange for a driver who can provide attentive service.

The driver will carry any heavy luggage, etc.

Please let us know if there is anything our driver can do to help you.
We will do our best to assist you.