Narita Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi


About transfer after arrival and COVID test
quarantine in Japan (at Narita airport)

The price list of our limousine is
Narita airport⇔all area flat-rate system.


Our transfer service is also available from
hotels around Narita airport to all over Japan.

News of Narita airport COVID quarantine
for as of May, 2021

All those who enter Japan are requested to
take a COVID test quarantine.

Customers who have stayed in New coronavirus mutant strain endemic countries / regions for the past 14 days or less, and who do not have a certificate of negative test result within 72 hours before departure from any country are not allowed to transfer on the day.

Please confirm those when you make a reservation.

About pick-up time at Narita Airport

Please let us know your applicable type at the time of booking.
We will pick you up according to the applicable type.

  • 【A】No COVID test quarantine required
    such as a domestic flight, etc.

    We will pick you up about 1 hour after the flight arrives.

  • 【B】COVID test quarantine required・able to transfer on the day of arrival
    Customers departing from countries other than the coronavirus variants endemic countries / regions designated by the Japanese government.

    We will pick you up 2~4 hours after the flight arrives.

  • 【C】COVID test quarantine required・Boarding after staying at a hotel which is designated by the quarantine station.
    Customers departing from the coronavirus variants endemic countries / regions designated by the Japanese government.

    We will pick you up 3~10 days after the flight arrives.

For all customers who can transfer on the day

Narita Airport Transfers The Latest Quarantine Status
  • We constantly check the flight status. Please be assured that we also check for early arrivals and delays of flights.
    The above pick-up time is our expected departure time.
    The driver in charge will contact you after the arrival of the plane, and we will pick you up while asking about the status of quarantine.
  • Quarantine time based on our experience is 2 to 6 hours.
    Since there is no reservation time set, there is no waiting fee even if it takes a long time to quarantine.
  • Our limousine is waiting for you until you finish the quarantine.
    We control the operation so that customers can board smoothly, but due to flight changes and quarantine chaos, the scheduled arrival time of the limousine may be delayed and customers may be kept waiting.
    We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.
  • The method of contacting the driver is basically a mobile phone. You can also contact us by E-mail, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Skype or pay phone. E-mail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, LINE, pay phone
  • Your driver will be arranged between 19:00 and 20:00 on the day before the reservation date.
    For customers who request the driver information, the night before, we will notify you by e-mail of the driver name, vehicle information (vehicle type, number, color), e-mail address, mobile phone number, and SNS-account owned by the driver.
  • The driver information will only be sent to the customer who wants it.
    Request “driver information” in the remarks column of the reservation form, or tell the operator by phone at the time of booking.
  • Depart from Narita Airport Meeing location

For customers who cannot transfer on the day entering Japan

Customers who have stayed in New coronavirus mutant strain endemic countries / regions for the past 14 days or less, and also who do not have a certificate of negative test result within 72 hours before departure from any country are not allowed to transfer on the day of entering Japan.

  • After entering Japan, they will be permitted to transfer after being quarantined for 3 to 10 days and tested at accommodation facilities secured by the quarantine station.
    When you need transportation, you can use our pick-up service.
  • It is possible to make a reservation on the day, but even if you cannot transfer on the day of arrival in Japan, you can reserve a limousine in advance using the reservation form or phone once the flight is decided.
    The date and time when you can transfer is not fixed until after you arrive in Japan, so after entering Japan, please ask the quarantine officer for the date and place that you can move, and please kindly let us know.
  • If the inspection result is delayed on the booked date, our limousine will wait for you at no waiting fee.
  • If your transferable date is changed, the reservation date will be changed free of charge.
Latest! Countries and regions designated as new coronavirus mutant strain endemic countries
[Surveyed May 26, 2021]

Ireland, Israel, UK, Brazil, South Africa Republic, Arab Emirates, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Nigeria, France, Belgium, Estonia, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Hungary, Poland , Luxembourg, Lebanon, Ukraine, Philippines, Canada (Netherlands), Spain, Finland, USA (Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota), India, Peru,Nepal,Greece,Jordan,Bangladesh,Maldives,Sri Lanka,Kazakhstan,Tunisia

Reference URL about Quarantine

About Waiting Fee

There is no waiting fee for quarantine reasons, in either case departing from Narita Airport or a hotel.

Due to the COVID test, it is not uncommon that customers come on the arrival lobby to be significantly later than expected. As a result, our limousine operation management is extremely difficult. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but you may have to wait until the limousine arrives.
Thank you for your understanding.

About Cancellation Fee

For passengers boarding from Narita Airport

Cancellation due to flight postponement
No cancellation fee if you change to the next flight
If the COVID test result is positive
No cancellation fee

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is basically as follows;

By 21:00 the day before (before payment)
No cancellation fee
By 21:00 the day before (after payment)
Cancellation fee 2,000 yen
After 21:00 the day before
Cancellation fee 100%

About Payment

To prevent coronavirus infection, basically, we ask you to make a payment by web credit card in advance.

Web credit payment
Square (credit card payment company) will send you a bill for the credit card payment through email, so please check the contents and proceed the payment.

Please make your payment by the day before the reservation date.

VISA, American Express, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, Discover can be used.

* If you would like to make same-day payments, please request us at the time of booking.

It is introduced by the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as "a taxi company that meets the criteria for moving from airports to homes (or accommodations) for quarantine".

What's a LIMO taxi that meets the criteria of JAN Govt.

the Ministry of Health,
Labor and Welfare website

Requests to passengers

The limousine is thoroughly ventilated and disinfected with alcohol after each operation.
Please be sure to wear a mask when boarding.
If you do not wear a mask, or if you have symptoms such as fever or cough, you will not be allowed to board.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

All drivers

To our customers

We will do our best to ensure that customers can board our limousine smoothly after the quarantine is finished. In this corona related chaos period, we take our transportation business of "The Entrance of Japan" siriously, so we will pick you up after taking sufficient measures against infection thoroughly.
You must be tired from the long flight and quarantine. We travel slowly and safely in the second lane at cruising speed on the highway. Please relax and rest in the car.
If there is anything you are having trouble with, please let us know any trivial matters.

Corona-related topics of concern

  • Flow from pre-departure PCR test to boarding our LIMO

    From pre-departure PCR test, required documents - quarantine after entering Japan - a series of flow to boarding our LIMO

  • Entry from the new coronavirus variant epidemic country

    Quarantine after entry, isolation, and then boarding our LIMO

  • Narita Airport Quarantine Waiting Time

    The time required from the arrival of the flight to the boarding of our LIMO is shown in the table.

  • Corona Control Measure Vehicle

    Introducing Corona Control Measure Vehicles in detail

  • youtube

    Video list of corona measures, latest Narita Airport news, etc.

  • Price List

    No waiting fee due to quarantine!
    Please check the reliable flat rate.

  • All drivers corona test NEGATIVE.

    Introducing the corona measures taken by the driver, in the whole day

Questions about Narita Airport
transfer service and COVID-19

I don't have a Japanese mobile phone. Is it okay to use an overseas mobile phone?
Please let me know if there is any other way to contact the limousine driver.
Our driver can call you with the country code for your overseas numbers.
You can talk to our driver without any problems by your phone.
Customers, who do not have any device to make calls, can contact us via email, WhatsApp, LINE or WeChat.
There is a COVID test quarantine after arriving at Narita airport.
I don't know how many hours it will take. What should I do for the reservation time?
On the reservation day, we check the flight status, and the driver will contact you after the arrival,
and we will pick you up while asking about the quarantine status. There is no reservation time,
so there is no waiting fee.
* Due to the chaos of flights and quarantine (quarantine may take more than twice as long as usual),
the limousine transfer schedule may be delayed and customers may have to wait for a while.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
The flight schedule is not determined yet.Can I make a reservation?
Or can I make a limousine reservation the day before or on the day?
If you have an airplane ticket, you can make a reservation.In the unlikely event that your flight is canceled,
you can book on another date and no cancellation fee will be required.
Reservations can be accepted on the previous day.
Same-day reservations can be made by waiting 30 minutes at the shortest and 90 to 120 minutes at the longest.
Is there an alcohol-based hand sanitizer ? How do you sanitize the inside of the car?
We are always equipped with alcohol. After the operation is over, all the inside of the car is disinfected with alcohol.
Even one person, will you come by a big wagon (minivan)?
From one person, we will pick you up with a Nissan Elgrand or Toyota Alphard class car.
I heard that it is only prepaid. Is it possible to pay when getting off the vehicle?
We ask for advance payment to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.
If you wish, you can make the payment when you get off on the day.
I am in a hotel in Narita city. It is prohibited to use a limousine unless I get the results of the PCR test.
How can I make a reservation?Is the price on the website even if it is not at Narita Airport?
Please check with the quarantine officer about the date and time when you will be able to move
before making a reservation.Even if the reservation time has passed due to quarantine on the day,
no waiting fee will be charged. Please contact us.
In the case that you call us after you get the inspection result on the day without reservation,
we will pick you up in 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Even if you depart from a hotel in Narita City,
the price is the same as the price listed on the website.
How do you operate the service? I am worried that the driver may be infected.
All of our drivers take a corona test on a regular basis, including daily temperature measurements
and physical condition checks, to confirm negative results.Also the drivers basically only operate up to
two operations [2 sets of customers] a day.
We think the number of times interacting with customers is low compared to other service industries.
We only operate private limousines. We do not operate general cruising taxis.So please be assured.
I'm a foreigner and can't speak Japanese at all. Is there an English-speaking limousine driver?
We have English-speaking drivers. An additional charge: 2000JPY will be required.
Does the price change for 1 person or 4 persons? Will other persons be on board?
One limousine van will be chartered, so the price will not change depending on the number of passengers.
In addition, other persons will not be on board.
Is the cancellation fee charged if I get a positive reaction at Narita Airportthe quarantine?
If the reaction is positive, no cancellation fee is required.