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Operator,Auto mechanic,Office Work Staff Introduction

Introduction of our representative staff.
Sincere support from booking to arrival to destination is promised.

Operation Manager: Kawai

With the know-how accumulated living abroad, through business, and with Japan’s particular attentive service, I aim the world’s best operation management.

Driver’s health is also strictly checked to ensure that all vehicles are reasonably and properly arranged.

In order for customers from abroad to ride the limousine, taxi with a peace of mind, we have prepared an English website, an English booking form, and a dial number with English support. All operators are able to support in English.

We also provide English education for all drivers.
All drivers are capable of communicating by using the translation application however, with an additional charge (2000JPY), a fluent speaking driver may be requested.

General Manager: Tsukano

Starting from developing a working environment for all staff to be able to work at 100% performance, I am in charge of ensuring that all business operations are running smoothly.

I am also in charge of the operation system, webpage planning, and design.
By building a productive business model, and offering professional service to customers, we would like to continue to be a world needed company.

Operator: Tsuruda

I had worked at a ground handling company.
Using the experience, I do my best to make the most efficient arrangements by combing the characteristics of the flight and traffic.

When responding to phone calls and emails, I aim on servicing with honesty and sincerity.

Accounting Work: Morinaga

I am in charge of checking the business records on daily basis, and strictly ensure all operations follow the transport regulations of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
I am also in charge of issuing invoices.
For a system managed program is used, an error is hardly to occur however, all are lastly double checked with my own eyes.

WEB Designer: Sakano

I do my best to design something that would excite the customers and become a part of the travel when seen,

WEB Programmer: Koseki

I am in charge of creating the Limousine/Taxi business system and the homepage.

To build up the most relevant system, development is made by implementing the voices from colleagues on daily basis.
There’s no doubt that the taxi business is to greatly change in the future by such as Uber, robot taxi, and drone taxi.
To avoid being caught up with the present, I keep on challenging the latest technologies on daily basis.

WEB Programmer: Kamon

I am in charge of programming the booking form, coding the website, and security related operations.
The codes for the website, are professionally programmed to be up to speed and user friendly for customers.
All customers privacy information is protected with every ounce of my knowledge.

Maintenance Manager: Otake / Bodywork and Paint: Kanzawa


The parts around the suspensions are conducted with strict maintenance, for any faults lead to a risk of causing a car accident.

Electrical components that have a possibility to suddenly break down without a warning, are carefully managed by keeping track of the running distance.

Car parts used for replacement, are all parts manufactured by Japan’s top leading manufacturer.


For the expressways are used frequently, many rock chips and scratches are made.
In order for the vehicles to look appropriate for various situations such as ceremonial occasions, scratches are strictly checked and the vehicles are worked on to be professionally coated with a luxurious look.

The luxury leather designed vehicles interior, is promise to deliver outstanding comfort.