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Flat rate list

how to use taxis with a cheap deal


No tipping is required.
Tipping the driver is not a custom in Japan.
Saying “Arigato”, which means “thank you” in Japanese, shows enough respect.
Therefore, please do not hesitate to keep your change in any situation.

Important information on late night and early morning surcharges.

When taking the taxi in Japan during the time block from 10pm to 5am, an additional charge is applied.

We offer a consistent flat rate of 2,000JPY to the total cost.

How to take a taxi from Narita Airport (NRT) with a cheap deal.


When taking a taxi from Narita Airport (NRT), you have an option to either catch an Airport Taxi at the taxi stand
or to take a pre-booked Private Van Taxi which can be booked in advance via Web or Tel.

Uber is unfortunately not common in Japan.

In Japan, its ride-sharing service by non-professional drivers are not legal.

When calling an Uber, a taxi from the local taxi operator is to arrive.

Although calling an Uber using an application can be convenient, additional Uber charge is added to the standard
fee, therefore it is not the most cost-effective way of getting around.

Airport taxis only apply a flat rate for 23-wards of Tokyo.

Click here for the flat rate fare table chart.

Click here for our 23-wards of Tokyo flat rate fare.

Our 23-wards of Tokyo rate fare do not differ much from the Airport Taxi rate fare.
Note: Highway toll and Meet and Greet Service Price are included in our fee

From the border up of 23-wards of Tokyo, Airport Taxis charge and additional meter-based fare.
We offer a cost-efficient fixed fare to all areas of Japan.

If you’re traveling with a lot of luggage or with more than 3 people, booking a Private Van Taxi is recommended.
Airport taxis are mainly operated with a sedan (TOYOTA Comfort).

Luggage compartment

W(150cm) x D(65cm) x H(45cm)

(Size) / (Capacity) / (Suitcase quantity)

S / ~39L / 3
M / 40-69L / 1-2
L / 70-89L / 1-2
XL / 90L~ / 1

Keep in mind, when traveling with a lot of luggage or with a lot a large group, that it will require 2 taxis which would
double the fee.

Private reserved transportation is operated with a fleet of minivans of a TOYOTAAlphard and a NISSAN Elgrand.

The minivans are spacious and provides total comfort.
Click here for our fleet information.

How to take a taxi to Narita Airport (NRT) cost-effectively.

Departure terminal

Most taxi companies apply a flat rate for areas between 23-wards of Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba, cities to Narita Airport (NRT).

Flat rate fares are more cost-effective compared to metered fare, so make sure to choose a taxi company that applies flat rate fares.

When booking a taxi on the spot or hailing a taxi, there is a high possibility you will be charged with meter rates

Reservation required Private Van Taxi and hailed taxi flat rate do not differ as much.

Be aware that some taxi companies to not apply the flat rate when requesting to be dropped off at a hotel around Narita Airport (NRT).

We accept reservations on the day and apply flat rate fare for all areas of Japan.

Information on waiting and cancellation fee.

Airport Taxis await you at the taxi stand, therefore no waiting fee are to be charged.
Some taxi companies that accept reservations set an additional fare for waiting and cancellation, therefore make sure to double check before booking.

We prepare a waiting service free or change. If you contact us about your flight delay or flight turbulence, your driver will wait for you accordingly at the airport at no cost.
However, any delay due to any personal reasons such as eating out and shopping; an additional 1,000 JPY will be charged every 10min of delay
Click here for details.

Fare information when making a stopover.

Airport Taxis apply a flat rate from Narita Airport (NRT) to only one destination. Therefore, the meter will be engaged and additional fare occurs from your stop to your final destination.

The total fee will be the total of fixed rate + meter-based rate fare.

If you notice us in advance the destination you would like to make a stop by, we are happy to offer a flat rate quotation with your request included.

Therefore, it is cost-effective compared to the metered fare.

FAQ Cheap taxi narita airport

Does Narita Airport Transfers Private Van Taxi have a Japanese taxi license?
Yes. We have obtained a professional license from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan. The license plates of the company which is licensed are green.
Please be aware that white license plates are illegal for the taxi companies and may be caught by the police.

Do you have insurance in case of an accident?
Companies with a professional license are required to get insurance.
If an inspection by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism reveals that you are not insured, the license would be suspended.

Do I need to contact you if my flight is delayed or canceled?
Yes, we will make other arrangements if necessary.
Please call our office or send an email to the below contact as soon as possible.

Phone number : +81-476-37-5617
E-mail : taxi@soushin-ichiba.jp

Where can I meet the driver at the Narita international Airport?
The driver will wait at the arrival lobby with a name board.
In case you can't find the driver, please call 0476-37-5617(+ 81-476-37-5617).
If you don't have a mobile phone, please contact the information counter located in front of the arrival lobby. If you ask, they will connect you to our office.

Do we share the car with strangers?
It's not a shared taxi. Our taxi is completely private.


Commitment to Low Price. Even if lower the price, the quality stays the same.

Commitment to Low Price

We specialize in Narita Airport transfers. We succeeded in reducing the price by narrowing down the routes.

For the parts that can be automated, we have developed an IT system and reduced personnel expenses.

Our company sets the LOWEST PRICE among the taxi fares notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The vehicle we use is the Nissan Elgrand black Car.
By narrowing down to one vehicle model, we have succeeded in inventory control of maintenance parts and cost reduction of maintenance.

Flat rate system for Narita Airport ↔ all areas in Japan. The fare will not increase due to traffic jams or waiting for traffic lights.

The reason why taxi prices in Japan are higher than other countries?

Japanese taxi

Japanese taxi companies operate under the control of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

We must submit a report every month and year.
Items such as below are strictly checked.

Receive automobile maintenance at a factory designated by the country every three months

Working hours of driver

Social security, health checkup

Operation management system, car insurance

Penalties are set for each item, and if we break the rules, we will be subject to punishment such as vehicles being seized and suspension of business.

Safety and compensation are tightly managed by the country, which makes taxi prices higher than other countries.

Taxi companies in Japan can’t decide the price freely.
It’s a rule to choose from five price ranges permitted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.