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black car limos Service Narita airport with fixed price


We are a taxi company that is different from the taxis that catch on the street.

We are a group of drivers who have pride of work and with excellent skill of safety, agility, and ability to respond to situations.

It's the most rewarding moment for us to make our customers the best memories and to be satisfied.

We hope you experience Japanese quality Limo service.

Limo Service Narita, fixed price list

Black car

Narita to / from, we cover all over Japan.

We have introduced a fixed price that allows you to relax without worrying about time.
Our taxis match various occasions such as business, travel, events and weddings.

Our feature is lower price than a regular taximeter, and at the same time, we also offer high quality transfer.

Limo Service Price list >>

※You don't need to pay toll road fee, or tips.
Fares do not change due to traffic jams, waiting for traffic lights, and service routes.

※If departing from Narita Airport, the meet and greet service fee 3,000 yen will be added.

Limo Service, Introducing the car model

Inside the car

Our taxis are high quality, low price.

A luxury minivan with comfort and safety.

All vehicles get insurance set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.

A lot of luggage can be loaded.

Load capacity

A lot of luggage such as golf bags, suitcases, surfboards, souvenirs can be loaded.

All black car limos for transfer service are thoroughly disinfected.


Our drivers are individually trained for prevention measures.

We are convinced that it is a time to make difference for work in places that can't be seen from the customer.

countermeasures No.1


Every morning, when drivers come to work, they get physical condition checks from the operation manager.
A body temperature measurement will be performed and the mask will be replaced with a new one.

Disinfection is carried out for gloves, suits and personal belongings that would be brought into the car.

countermeasures No.2


Every time a transfer service is over, every corner of the car is carefully disinfected with high-concentration alcohol.

plastic curtains

Alcohol sprays are installed in all vehicles. Please feel free to use it.
The driver's seat and passenger's seats are separated by plastic curtains.

How to meet the driver at Narita Airport / at hotels.

How to meet the driver

At the airport, after custom clearance you will be at the arrival lobby. The driver in charge will be waiting for you there with a sign board with your name on it.
You can enter Japan at ease.

If you have heavy luggage or belongings, your driver will help you.

Please check the Meet and Greet | Name board Taxi Service for the details.

If you are departing from the hotel, the driver tells the front desk your name and has your room ring the call to notify the customer that the driver has arrived.
The driver will wait at a hotel lobby.

We will pick you up on time.

FAQ Black car limo service

How do I book a limo service?
Please contact us by phone or from the reservation form.

Is it possible to get information about the driver who will be in charge of me?
Please let us know "driver information requests" when you make a reservation. We will send you the car number, driver's name, mobile phone number, email address, SNS information by email around 19:00 the day before the reservation date.

I want to go to Narita Airport from a hotel in Tokyo. I would like to use up yen, can I pay in cash?
We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

What if my flight is delayed or arrives early?
The driver is constantly tracking the location of the plane. Please be assured.
If it's more than an hour earlier than the scheduled time, you may have to wait for a while.

I have booked the limo service from a hotel in Yokohama to Narita Airport. On the way, I would like to go sightseeing at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, shopping at Narita Aeon Mall, and then go to the airport. Is it possible?
Yes, it's possible. Please let us know the estimated staying time and we will quote it at a reasonable price.

Can I smoke or eat a meal in the car?
Smoking is prohibited inside taxis by Japanese law.
You can eat and drink inside the car if it does not stain when spilled.

Do I need to tip the driver? If it's necessary, how much is the average price ?
Please be assured that there is no custom of tipping when using taxis in Japan.