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Introduction of van taxi driver - Masaru Toyabe

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Masaru Toyabe

Masaru Toyabe

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Message to Customers

Driving technique avoiding car accidents like a first-class professional driver

Masaru Toyabe

Transporting customers to the requested destination safely is the most important mission for me.
From having experience of operating more than tens of thousands of times, one of many skills I have built up is “Avoiding car accidents” driving techniques.
It is difficult to explain in words however, accidents occur when different combinations of situations such as time of day, weather, area, vehicle, road structure and so on overlap.
Not only do I drive safely, but I also use my past experience by thinking ahead to prevent any trouble. Such as,
“It would be dangerous to run at a certain speed limit / a certain lane, in the current situation” and
“I should prepare to make a counter move, for the onward vehicle is making unusual movements”.

And as a Limousine driver, I promise to offer service with gentlemanly behavior.

Daily efforts

I am strongly aware that, If I take poor countermeasures it will not only affect customers but it will also cause a lot of damage to the country.
Therefore, the countermeasure requirements made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to the company and drivers, are strictly followed and I myself follow a well-regulated daily routine to stay in good health.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
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