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Introduction of van taxi driver - Yoshikazu Kuroda

Narita airport

Yoshikazu Kuroda

Yoshikazu Kuroda

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Message to Customers

Building on experience as a hotel keeper to offer service from customers point of view

Yoshikazu Kuroda

I had experience working as a hotel keeper abroad and around Narita Airport .
And when arranging taxis for hotel guests I had been frequently using Narita Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi service.
That was when I was highly impressed by the high-quality service offered by the operators and drivers. And because I also wanted to be a part of something where I could do something for others as well, I have decided to change careers to Narita Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi.

When I started working, there were times when my feelings had stepped ahead, I had received negative phone calls from customers.
In this business, concerned points noted from customers are valuable.
There are many Taxi companies out there.
If the service quality is bad, there is a choice to use another. But instead, the customers use their personal valuable time to inform … I truly cannot thank enough.
With the support from companions, I am now able to work with confidence.

When you hear that we are a “Taxi Company”, there may be an image where the operators are businesslike and the drivers are commission-based operating solo, however for our company professionalize in Narita Airport transportation service, we
are not a large group but all employees feel at home and get along quite well.

I can assure you, with this team, we are able to provide the best service to all customers.

I would like to be the driver who has the highest knowledge about Narita Airport, the driver all customers can trust, the driver who all customers feel free to talk to, and to be the driver one would like to request once again.

Daily efforts

“Protect our customers, protect ourselves, protect our family, protect our companions, and to protect our Country”.
I Intend to act on the principle above.

Infection prevention measures being taken by driversDaily efforts taken by
our driver