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Covid-19 infection countermeasure vehicle
Narita Airport transfer

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Narita airport

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, we operate private transfer from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport, from Narita Airport to Tokyo, etc. in a vehicle with infection countermeasures of Covid-19 so that you can rest assured to take our limousine taxi.
We are also introduced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan as a taxi company that meets the criteria.

7 element of reassurance

01 element

We will use the Elgrand, the largest size of Japanese car, from one person.

ELGRAND Interior
Second seat
third seat

It will be a completely private charter and no sharing with strangers.
Even if it’s 1 person, we will use a large van type car such as Nissan Elgrand or Toyota Alphard.
Since it is wider and taller than a passenger car type limousine, it is effective for the countermeasure of Covid-19.
If you sit in the back seat, (third row seat), the distance from the driver will be far and you can rest assured.

02 element

Limousine drivers measure their temperature daily and carry out antigen tests regularly.

antigen tests
temperature measurement

All drivers take antigen tests on a regular basis, so you can rest assured to use our limousine.
Drivers manage physical conditions on a daily basis such as daily temperature measurement, and wear white gloves and masks during work.
We also disinfect personal belongings baggage that it bring into the car.
Drivers who are not in good health condition, such as coughing, fever, complexion, and eye color, cannot operate.
If the passenger has any of the above symptoms, we decline the passenger to take our taxi.
We also ask all passengers using our limousines to wear masks.

03 element

At the end of each operation, we not only ventilate but also disinfect inside the car completely with 80% alcohol.

Disinfect with alcohol
Disinfect with alcohol

After each transfer, we thoroughly clean the inside of the car, ventilate, and disinfect with alcohol.
Alcohol is installed in the car,please feel free to use it while riding.

04 element

Antivirus filters and plastic curtains are installed.

Antivirus filters
plastic curtains

We use antivirus filters for air conditioners that meet international standards ISO 18184 which is for “antivirus test for textile products” and ISO 20743-2007 "antibacterial test for textile products".We replace filters every month.

A thick plastic curtain is installed between the driver's seat and back seats.

In the vehicle, the driver's seat and the back seats have separate air circulation.
The air which is cleaned by an antivirus filter circulates only in the back seats.

It is also possible to drive with the windows open.
Please feel free to let the drivers know.

05 element

We have decided to use one limousine taxi up to two times a day.

To reduce the risk of covid-19 infection, we only pick up and drop off two groups of customers a day for each limousine.
All of our vehicles are reservation required and private. There are no unspecified number of passengers taking our taxis a day.

06 element

No direct interaction because of the pre-payment system.

Antivirus filters

Various payment methods are available.
If you make a payment in advance, there will be no direct interaction with the driver on the day you take our limousine.
Same-day payment is also available, but advance payment is recommended as a countermeasure against covid-19 infection.

07 element

The driver in charge will pick you up while asking about the status of quarantine.

There is no waiting fee even if the quarantine takes a long time.
There is no cancellation fee in the unlikely event of a positive reaction.
Since the fare is also a flat rate, there is no charge for waiting for a traffic light; there is no unplanned cost. You can use our service with confidence.

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