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7 steps of pre-entry COVID-19 PCR test before leaving your country, Antigen Test upon arrival and taking a taxi.

Narita airport

01 process

Makeing a limousine (taxi) reservation for your arrival date.

Makeing a limousine (taxi) reservation

Please fill in the reservation form of Narita Airport Transfers Private VAN Taxi.
Please feel free to make a booking one day before or on the same day!

※Since the inspection upon arrival into Japan is conducted from the front seat row, passengers at the back seat row might wait another 1 hour than the front seat row passengers. Therefore, We advise to book a front seat for the flight in order to avoid having to wait inside the cabin to be inspected.

02 process

Pre-entry COVID-19 test before departure and getting a Certificate of Testing

Pre-entry COVID-19 test before departure and getting a Certificate of Testing
  • Take pre-entry COVID-19 PCR test conducted within 72 hours before departure
  • Get a Certificate of Testing

※Here is valid format of “Certificate of Negative Test Result”.
Please note that if there is an incomplete entry, it’s impossible to transfer on the day of arrival.


In case of positive results of PCR testing, cancellation fee will not occur.

03 process

Preparation for questionnaire.

Questionnaire QR Code

Submit the coronavirus questionnaire to the airport quarantine officer.
By accessing from the URL below and preparing it in advance, the process after entering Japan will proceed smoothly and quickly.
After filling in the form, QR code will be issued. In order to present the QR code, it needs to be saved to the mobile device or printed out.

Click here for how to fill in the form

Coronavirus Questionnaire of Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare


04 process

“Written Pledge” preparation and registration of application

Written Pledge

Same as the questionnaire, submit “Written Pledge” to the airport quarantine officer when you enter or return to Japan.
By accessing from the URL below and preparing it in advance, the process after entering Japan will proceed smoothly and quickly.
Please print and submit it.

“Written pledge” of Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

  • Refrain from using using public transportation for 14days
  • Self isolation for 14 days
  • Install a COVID-19 contact tracing application

※You will need to carry your smartphone and register the required applications.

If you do not have a smartphone during the quarantine procedure, you will have to rent it at the mobile phone shop at the airport at your own expense.
If you have a smartphone, you can smoothly pass the quarantine on the arrival day by installing the 4 applications shown in the table below in advance.


OEL (Locator application)

You will need it to report your location.


MySOS (Video calling application)

It is necessary to answer the video call from the person in charge in order to confirm your location.


Settings up Google map

If you get a positive result after entering Japan, you need to set the location information storage of your smartphone so that you can show the location information record to the health care center.


COCOA (Conatct confirming applicaiton)

It enables you to receive notifications about the possibility of contact with someone infected with the COVID-19.

Please check here for details.


05 process

Antigen testing

After arriving in Japan, disembark from the front seat row passengers.
You will be accepted for an antigen test after submitting Pre-entry COVID-19 test, Written pledge and Coronavirus Questionnaire.
You will be checked which country you have stayed in within the last 14 days, and for any incomplete or missing documents.


※If the documents are incomplete, you will not be able to move on the day of entry.
If the documents are incomplete, or if you enter from a country / region designated as having the variants endemic.

After the quarantine is completed, you will move to the hotel designated by the quarantine station.
You will be quarantined in the hotel for 3 to 10 days after arrival, and if the test is negative on the final day, you can move by our limousine.
During your stay at the hotel, please contact the quarantine officer and ask the date, time and place that you will be able to use our limousine service.

How to make a limousine (taxi) reservation from a hotel designated by the quarantine station (Hotels around Narita airport).

At the reception, you will receive an antigen test kit with the seat number. At the test booth,an antigen test will be conducted by collecting saliva.You will wait for the result at the designated seat.

Antigen testing

Currently, an antigen test is performed by collecting saliva, however, in case of not being able to collect enough saliva,the test method would be switched to conventional PCR test by collecting mucous membranes.
There are many cases for small children to be switched to PCR test, and in that case, it tends to take 5 to hours for the result to come out.

06 process

Result announcement for COVID test

You will wait for the test result in the designated seat in the hall.
The waiting time after submitting a test specimen until the result comes out depends on the number of people tested on the day.

The driver in charge constantly checks the flight status and contacts you after the arrival of the plane for greeting.

Each person will be called to the reception counter and given a coronavirus negative certificate issued by the quarantine station.

coronavirus negative certificate

At this point, the estimated time to proceed to the arrival lobby is about 20 minutes.
Please contact the driver when you are available. Your driver is waiting nearby and will prepare for pick up.

07 process

Custom clearance and getting on limousine (taxi)

The process from here is as usual.


Custom clearance

At immigration, present a coronavirus negative certificate to custom officers.


Baggage claim

Currently, there is no waiting time at baggage claim since it’s not crowded.


Custom inspection

Food inspection is becoming tighter due to bird flu.


Arrival lobby

Finally the process has come to an end, please contact the driver.
Your driver will tell you where you can find your limousine (taxi).


Taking on a Limousine(taxi)

We welcome you with a spacious van taxi.
We do our best for you to relax and heal your tiredness.