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About air circulation and filters in the car

Using antibacterial and antiviral filters

We change the filter that cleans the air inside the car every month.

The air conditioner filter has the role of filtering and cleaning the air taken in from inside and outside the vehicle.
To briefly explain, it is a mask for the inside of the car.

Normally, it is replaced every year or every 10,000 kilometers, but we consider the safety of our customers to replace it every month.

The auto mechanic is changing the filter

Our auto mechanic changes the filters every month.

The photo shows that a mechanic replacing the filter.

About air circulation

It is possible to open the window while driving.

The Nissan Elgrand and Alphard that we use have antibacterial plastic curtains installed between the driver's seat and the rear seats.

While driving, our vehicles basically take in the air from the outside of the car.

The driver's seat (driver's seat side) has an air intake under the windshield, and the rear seat (guest side) has it near the rear bumper.

The air that enters from the intake port passes through the filter and is taken into the car.

We are preparing alcohol for disinfection in the car

As shown in the picture above, it basically takes in the air from the outside.
When the odor of exhaust gas is strong, such as when traffic jams occur in a tunnel, the air is circulated in the car at the driver's discretion.

【Explaining about the circulation of air in the case of internal airflow】

As for the internal airflow, the rear seat (cabin) and the front seat (driver's seat) have separate places for air intake and exhalation, and the space between them is separated by a curtain.

It is installed in the trunk room for the rear sheat, and under the glove box for the driver's side. Air passes through filters and is blown from the outlet.

It is not 100% like the outside airflow, but it secures a safe space.

We are introducing an external device

It is also possible to drive while opening the window glass.
Please let the driver know if you want glass windows to be open.