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【Company info】
Narita Airport Transfers Private Van Taxi

Narita Airport Taxi&Transfers

Company introduction


We are a company, providing a pickup service specialized in exclusive LIMO VAN, the head office is located in Narita city. Narita City ⇔ Nationwide at a flat rate.
We operate an automobile maintenance shop in-house and we are thorough in the maintenance management.
We have a complete setup for automobile insurance, such as compensation in the unlikely event of an accident.
We will provide services that can only be done by local companies.

company name

Nobuyuki Co., Ltd. (Narita Airport Jumbo Taxi)






Employee introduction

employee pic

Representative Director Sakuragawa

We are a taxi company specializing in transportation between Narita Airport and all over Japan.
Utilizing the experience we have 12 years of experience in Narita City, we transfer safely our passengers to their destinations.

As globalization progresses and information reforms occur, it is time for taxi companies to consider business models.

  • Introducing a system that instructs traffic jam and accident information to drivers in real time
  • Safe driving, customer service technology
  • Thorough vehicle maintenance management
  • Providing and compensating for agile substitute vehicles in the unlikely event of an accident

We will provide our customers with services that cannot be imitated by ride-sharing companies.

Our main service is on long-distance transfers.
Since it is a business that has strong responsibility for life of the customer,
We thoroughly instruct the driver on driving skills and manage the physical condition.

The driver carries out a proper medical examination set by the country.
We manage sleep time and rest days and are on board in a healthy condition to drive safely.

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Operation manager

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Maintenance manager Otake

The vehicle we use is the van type Nissan Elgrand.
Car information is system-managed.

  • Undercarriage
  • Electrical system
  • Exhaust system
  • Sensor system

After the mileage and years have passed, the replacement maintenance is implemented.
Since it is a pick-up service related to the time of the airplane,
We are fully careful not to stop the car while driving due to poor maintenance.

Humans make mistakes even if they are careful.
We are reforming the operations system of cars that used to be dispatched by paper or wireless transceiver, in order to be able to manage programmatically.

employee pic

WEB programmer Koseki

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