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Japanese style Black car service

Narita Airport black car taxi service

Narita Airport black car taxi service

The drivers in charge of the black car services are composed of the elite members selected in our company.

Only those who overcome strict training will be provided with a dedicated black car by the company.

Our taxies are licensed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Our price is also conform to the authorities. We've got insurance for all vehicles.

For the vehicles, Nissan ELGLAND or TOYOTA ALPHARD are used. By unifying the vehicle type, we reduce the management cost and maintain reasonable prices for the customers.

At Narita Airport the driver will meet you with the Meet and Greet Service.

Meet the driver with the Maat and Greet service

Meet the driver with the Maat and Greet service

For the customers using the black car service from Narita Airport, we will pick up with the Meet and Greet Service to ensure that the driver meets with a customer.

Since the drivers standby according to the latest flight status, there is no waiting fee even if the arrival time is delayed due to air current or airline circumstances.

We also pick you up at your hotel, train station or facility.

Pick up from your hotel

Pick up from your hotel

We will pick you up all over Japan at hotels, facilities, train stations, homes, and other places wherever our black cars can enter.

We provide a high level of service such as cleanliness, wording, vehicle quality, and behavior.

Fixed rate List

Fixed rate for black car taxi

Fixed rate for black car taxi

We have adopted fixed rates in all areas of Japan so that customers can enjoy driving with peace of mind, without worrying about meter fee.

Our fares are including highway fee and taxes.
The fares do not change due to traffic jams, waiting for traffic lights, or routes chosen by the driver.

If there is a stopover, please let us know at the time of booking. We will give you an estimate with a fixed rate.

Click here for the black car service fixed rate list>>

All vehicles are black car, private van type. It sits up high and is able to load a lot of luggage.

Inside the car

Inside the car

It's a vehicle that can be used in all situations such as business and sightseeing. It can accommodate from 1 to 5 people.

We will detect the service required from the customer's situation and act appropriately.

With the exception of companies at Narita Airport, we may be the first or last service for you.
We are conducting training every day so that the best memories will remain.

Difference between taxi and black car service waiting in town or at airport

The airport taxi waiting at the taxi stand at Narita Airport and the taxi that raises your hand to stop in the town use Toyota Comfort Crown or JAPAN TAXI.
It is quiet and has a small turn, but the inside of the car is small. Also, since it is loaded with a gas tank, only about two suitcases can be loaded in the trunk.

We at Black Car Service use high-grade minivans such as Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand.

About charges
Both general taxis and black car services operate within the range of the fare approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, so the fare is almost the same.

Rest assured that all companies have a flat rate.